COVIDEO Film and Art Showcase 2020 

The COVIDEO Film and Art Showcase is an opportunity for students in the UCDSB to create and share films and artwork that capture our various experiences of the global pandemic. Your creations can be about how you are managing during this time, but they can also explore other ideas, capturing some of the themes that have emerged during our collective quarantine, such as creativity, interruptions, family-time, gratefulness, worry, frustration, and social distance.  These creations will be a time capsule for this unique historical moment. Students can enter the festival by filling out this application form

COVIDEO 2020 Film & Art Showcase Application  by June 12, 2020 and submit films by June 15, 2020. 

Festival Dates: 

Short Films and Art- June 18, 2020  

Longer Films and Art- June 19, 2010 


All films should fit the following criteria: 

  • original works 

  • Short works: Suggested length of 5 minutes 

  • Longer works: no max length (check with a teacher) 

  • use file format MOV or MP4 


Film Categories:  Submit your videos to COVIDEO Film.

Monologues- Create a character that is experiencing challenges with COVID-19 and share their innermost thoughts 

Live-action-  Create a film script and use only the actors in your own home to shoot the film- eg. parents, siblings, pets! 

Stop action- Create a film script and use resources that you have around the house to create your vision- eg. lego, stuff animals/toys, etc. 

Collaborative Film- live recording- Create a film script that requires the actors to meet online from distant places.  Film your “online film” by recording yourself on Microsoft Teams or a similar platform. 

Collaborative Film- edited- Individual performances are filmed and put together in an editing suite. 

Digital Animation Sequences- Use software such as 3DS MAX, MAYA, or BLENDER to create a digital animation or motion-tracked video that can serve as the opening sequence or intermission sequences for the COVIDEO ARTS FESTIVAL.


Short Digital Film-  Use software such as 3DS MAX, MAYA, or BLENDER to create a fully digital or motion-tracked short film. 

Art Categories- Submit your artwork to COVIDEO Art.  The Visual Arts Subject Council will put your piece in a collective with other pieces of a similar theme.    

Once videos are finalized and uploaded you can view them on our Covideo Youtube Channel 

For more information contact Laura Oliver -